Doolie announces debut mixtape, releases new single ‘Dark Waters’

'i hope u like my mixtape' is out May 8

Gold Coast pop artist Doolie has announced her debut mixtape, and is marking it with the release of her new single ‘Dark Waters’. Listen to it below.

‘Dark Waters’ serves as our first taste of ‘i hope u like my mixtape’, which is dropping on May 8.


“This is my debut body of work so I’m obviously a little bit nervous to be putting it out and seeing how it’s received,” Doolie said in a press statement.

“It’s been such a journey to get to this point; these songs represent different times in my life and I’ve written them to be the soundtrack I wish I had at various times, so I really hope they connect with my listeners in the same way.”

Speaking about ‘Dark Waters’, Doolie – real name Doolie Shadforth – called the track her “empowerment anthem.”

“I wanted to make an analogy kinda like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Not caring about someone else’s thoughts and speaking my truth; finally letting my feelings and my emotions be my priority and have their light. It doesn’t matter how much you care about someone if you’re not taking care of yourself first.”

Doolie has enlisted an array of local producers to help her out on the mixtape, including Kilter, Moonbase, Paces, POOLCLVB and more.