Dope Lemon releases dark new single ‘Stingray Pete’

The fourth single from Dope Lemon's forthcoming album, 'Rose Pink Cadillac'

Dope Lemon, AKA Angus Stone, has released another single ‘Stingray Pete’ in the lead-up to his new album’s arrival.

The gritty track contrasts musically to the singer’s previously released singles, showing a darker side to the new album. An accompanying music video, directed by Daniel Mayne, depicts Stone in the titular role, burning down a sugarcane field to hide the men he killed.

“Stingray Pete is a Clint Eastwood shoot out of a western from Dope Lemon,” Stone said of the song.


“He’s the local dusty legend that seems to find himself on yet another epic adventure into the night when he hits the town. It’s a song we wrote about the wild vastness that lies beyond the unknown of the night for old Stingray Pete.”

Watch the video for ‘Stingray Pete’ below:

‘Stingray Pete’ is lifted from Dope Lemon’s forthcoming third album, ‘Rose Pink Cadillac’, due out November 12 through BMG. The singer announced the album earlier this month, and so far has released its title track as well as singles ‘Kids Fallin’ In Love’ and ‘Every Day Is A Holiday’ featuring Winston Surfshirt.

“The making of this creation took months of many tireless long nights… plus many bottles of delicious whiskey and treats,” Stone said of the album.

“Each time the writing of a new album takes a new chapter out of my life and freezes it in time. The days and months poured into making this record disappear in the blink of an eye, it’s a mix of hard work and pure joy.”


In August, Angus reunited with his sister Julia to release the soundtrack album for the video game Life Is Strange: True Colours. The record was made over the past few years when Angus and Julia weren’t focusing on their own solo work.