Dorsal Fins return after five years with funky new single ‘Sugar’

The band have reduced their line-up from nine members to three

Melbourne indie-pop outfit Dorsal Fins have returned after five years with a new single, ‘Sugar’.

‘Sugar’ is a funk-influenced pop track that sees the group lyrically describing the instant gratification offered from modern vices, such as social media and online shopping. The accompanying music video, directed by Izzie Austin, also deals with similar themes – specifically, the role consumerism plays in our lives.

The new single marks a significant change in line-up for the band: formerly a nine-piece, Dorsal Fins have converted into the trio of Ella Thompson, Jarrad Brown and Liam McGorry.


Watch the clip for ‘Sugar’ below:

In a press statement, Thompson points to the opening lyric of ‘Sugar’ – ‘Alexa, tell me the news today’ – as reflective of the song’s themes of “sugary escapism to get us through some sticky times”.

“In a time where surveillance technology and data is ever-present, we are taking a moment to acknowledge its persuasiveness,” she said.

“The video features nods to the pop art era – drawing influences from a commercial culture, where consumerism flourishes.”


Dorsal Fins’ last album was 2016’s ‘Digital Zodiac’, which arrived only a year after their debut LP ‘Mind Renovation’.

The band will be celebrating their return with an appearance at Loch Hart Music Festival in January, and a headline show in Melbourne a few days earlier, suppored by Karate Boogaloo and DJ Friday. Tickets for the festival and headline show are on-sale now.