Down For Tomorrow drop music video for latest single, ‘Survive’

The last track to be released from their staggered EP

Sydney-based indie-punk band Down For Tomorrow have dropped the official music video for their latest single, ‘Survive’.

Relieving their lockdown tensions, the track – originally released in October and produced and mixed by Stevie Knight (Yours Truly, Stand Atlantic, The Dead Love) – discusses having to deal with the grips of the current socio-economic climate, global tensions and more.

All this is carried by melodious guitar lines and powerful punk-rock riff explosions.


Watch the official music video for ‘Survive’ below:

On the release, vocalist Cody Stebbings talked about the meaning behind the song. “I wrote the song within the first month of the lockdown restrictions being introduced in New South Wales, and at that time, I had momentarily lost my job.

“Routine was simultaneous, my best friend and worst enemy. Besides, we never really know when this will end, or if this is the new normal. So, this song is about the anxieties of uncertainty, and having to remind yourself constantly that if all you did was make it through today alive, that’s enough.”

‘Survive’ was the final track to be released from the band’s staggered EP, ‘Whatever Happens’, which dropped in full on October 15. It follows on from previously released tracks ‘Trouble Prone’, ‘Show Me That You Care’, ‘Emily’ and ‘Until You Feel Alright’.