Drapht releases frantic new single, ‘Shadows On My Walls’, announces new album

The first cut from Drapht's forthcoming album 'Shadows and Shinings'

Drapht has shared new single ‘Shadows On My Walls’ and announced his new album ‘Shadows and Shinings’ will arrive in September.

In a press release, the emcee explained: “This song came to life out of a lot of time for self-reflection during the infamous year of 2020.

“Realising I may not have been coping as well as I thought I was and I suddenly felt like I was on the verge of a mental breakdown with all of my inner-dialogue and the discourse that was manifesting around me.”


Drapht’s reflections surrounding his well-being are mirrored in the song’s official music video, which was directed, filmed and edited by Complete & Uncool Sam at Drop Shot Media.

The video opens with actions of a seemingly ordinary life, before the shot switches to Drapht being dragged down hallways by medical staff, shots of the rapper isolated fuelling the clip’s frantic action. Watch it below:

Drapht continued, saying: “It’s always really cathartic for me to be able to turn a negative into a positive, let go of those thoughts and feelings and release them out into the world.”

The new track is the first lifted from Drapht’s seventh studio album, ‘Shadows and Shinings’, slated for released September 10. The album’s tracklist reveals several collaborations, including with Dune Rats, Jeswon, Pressure and more. Find the tracklist below.

‘Shadows and Shinings’ will follow up Drapht’s last full-length release, 2018’s ‘Arabella Street’.


Drapht’s ‘Shadows and Shinings’ tracklist is:

1. ‘Intro’
2. ‘Shadow On My Walls’
3. ‘Oliver Twist’ ft. Pressure
4. ‘Model Plane’ ft. Bitter Belief & Complete
5. ‘Postcards’
6. ‘Speakeasy’ ft. Jeswon
7. ‘Holy Water’
8. ‘Hypocrite’ ft. Eli Greeneyes
9. ‘Minor Interruption (interlude)’
10. ‘Better Alone’
11. ‘Problem Here’ ft. Complete and Eli Greeneyes
12. ‘Oh Shit!!’
13. ‘Hollywood Hills’
14. ‘Keys to The City’ ft. Dune Rats
15. ‘Release Me’ ft. Hunter, Layla and Dazastah