Drive-in concerts to be tested in Australia this week

Sydney and Brisbane look to be the first cities to host the events

Australia is set to trial drive-in concerts this week, with Sydney the first in line to test the remote gathering.

This Thursday (May 21), singer-songwriter and Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan is set to perform with her band at Sydney’s first-ever live theatre drive-in. The performance is organised by Drive-In Entertainment Australia and will be held at the Robyn Webster Sports Centre from 12:00pm to 1:00pm AEST.

In accordance with current social distancing rules, patrons will participate in the concert remotely from their vehicles with two options for sound: tuning into an FM radio frequency and/or rolling down their windows. Extra safety restrictions will be enforced to ensure the event complies with government-mandated regulations.


The concert is free and electronic tickets can be obtained here. Drive-In Entertainment Australia has committed to at least eight more drive-in venues across New South Wales and Victoria during the lockdown period.

In Queensland, drive-in concerts remain at a planning stage, with the first concert to be held sometime in early June. The premier event is scheduled to take place in the Brisbane town of Cleveland in Redland City. It will be hosted by Drive-In Concerts Live, captained by Michael “China” Walker, Nick Chugg, Matt McCormick and the Redland City Council.

“The music industry is in a death-roll because of COVID,” said Walker in a statement.

“As restrictions are eased and retail and eateries start to trade, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for any of us in the entertainment sector and the impact on the economic and mental health of people our industry is critical. This is the solution to be socially responsible, gets us off the dole and back to work, and get some happy back into all our lives.”

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