Dro Carey announces debut album, shares new single ‘Hold A Vibe’

Arriving September 18

Sydney-based producer Dro Carey will release his debut album, ‘Nothing Is A Solo Project’, on September 18 via Soothsayer. To coincide with the album announcement, he has shared new single ‘Hold A Vibe’, featuring Alexx A-Game.

Listen to it below:


‘Hold A Vibe’ is Carey’s fifth track for 2020, following on from ‘Clear To You (feat. Francesca Gonzales)’, ‘Healer’, ‘Predictions’ and ‘Another Knot (feat. RUE)’. All five tracks will feature on Carey’s forthcoming album. Per a press release, Carey sees ‘Hold A Vibe’ as different from its predecessors.

“Stylistically, it’s definitely an outlier for the record, but the creative risk posed by that extreme level of variety appeals to me,” he said.

According to Carey’s press, ‘Hold A Vibe’ is “an ode to the good things in life; weed, wine and better times.”

The track is Dro Carey’s first collaboration with Jamaican artist Alexx A-Game. On ‘Nothing Is A Solo Project’, Carey hopes to showcase the talents of all who worked with him on the record.

“I want to recognise not only the featured artists, but the creators of the sample libraries and the contributions of engineers, designers, managers, label teams and audiences in shaping the final creative work,” he said per a press statement.

Pre-orders are available here now.


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