Dro Carey announces collaborative “Captured Sounds” project

The artist is on the hunt for "weird sounds"

Australian producer Dro Carey has announced his latest project, which involves a call for fan submissions.

The project, “DRO_CAREY_NIASP_CAPTUREDSOUNDS”, sees the Sydney artist attempting to create a new composition entirely out of sounds submitted to a Dropbox link by the end of the month.

In a post to his Facebook page, Carey announced that he was seeking “weird sounds” from everyday life.


“Is there an unusual sound that you encounter at home, in your neighbourhood or in day-to-day life – something odd and interesting that might be happening outside?” he asked.

“The idea is not to make or perform a sound yourself but to grab a quick phone recording of something naturally happening.”

In September, the producer will then take all of the submissions and attempt to piece them together. Although he admits “a bit of a creative risk,” he is pursuing it with hopes of creating “really interesting electronica”.

“I really want to try and create something where I can collaborate with multiple people collectively,” he said.

The new compositions will follow on from Carey’s three releases this year. He released “Clear To You / Healer” and “Another Knot / Predictions” in March and June, respectively. This was followed a month later with “Hold A Vibe,” featuring Alexx A-Game.


Carey’s debut album, ‘Nothing Is A Solo Project’, will arrive on September 18 via Soothsayer.

WEIRD SOUNDS WANTED: For the next two weeks I’m working on a bit of a different project. This is an open call for anyone…

Posted by Dro Carey on Monday, August 17, 2020

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