Drunk Mums, Gordon Koang, Jae Laffer and more join Isol-Aid 15th lineup

Joining previously announced headliners the Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Earlier this week, online music festival Isol-Aid revealed the Queensland Symphony Orchestra would headline its 15th consecutive weekend. Now, they’ve shared the full lineup with a mix of local and US acts, lead by Drunk Mums, Gordon Koang and Jae Laffer.

This week’s lineup is partly curated by US label, Carpark Records, who are responsible for the inclusion of Madeline Kenney, Erin Anne, Dent May, Fat Tony and The Mattson 2. None of them have played in Australia before.

Label and collective Music in Exile, focused on creating space for culturally or linguistically diverse communities in Australia, have also curated part of the lineup. They chose Koang, Dyspora, Mindy Meng Wang, Ausecuma Beats and Ajak Kwai.


As always, the tenth iteration features an original artwork from artist Sebi White – this time it’s an IKEA flat pack catalogue.

ISOL-AID #15 will kick off on June 27 from 12:55 AEST on each of the artists’ respective Instagram accounts.

Last weekend’s Isol-Aid lineup featured performances from Banoffee, Baths, Lonelyspeck and Holy Fuck, among others. The lineup was curated in part by agencies Good Manners and Winterman & Goldstein.

As always, Isol-Aid is free to watch, but audience members are encouraged to donate to the festival or purchase merchandise. All donations raised go directly to the artists and their teams, and proceeds from merchandising sales go towards running costs and the festival’s tech staff, digital marketing, programming and design teams.