Dua Lipa on releasing ‘Future Nostalgia’ during coronavirus crisis: “I wanted to give people some happiness”

The singer's second effort arrived last week

Dua Lipa has opened up on her decision to push forward the release of her second album ‘Future Nostalgia‘.

The singer’s latest studio effort arrived last Friday (March 27) after it leaked online some two weeks before it was originally set for release on April 4.

But despite previously describing the situation as a “pain in the arse”, the singer says that the early release allows fans to enjoy “happiness” amid the darkness of the coronavirus outbreak.


“I made this album to get away from any pressures and anxieties and opinions from the outside world,” she told the BBC.

“Yes, it was made to be listened out in the clubs and at festivals – but at the same time, I wanted to give people some happiness during this time, where they don’t have to think about what’s going on and just shut off and dance.

“Maybe it had to just come out now, rather than later.”

As for the record’s title, she says it was dreamt up while she walked around the Las Vegas strip in late 2018.

Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia
Dua Lipa CREDIT: Press

“I’d already started working on the record and I knew I wanted it to reflect my childhood influences, but I hadn’t quite figured out what direction I wanted to go,” she recalled.


“I had my headphones in and was out walking to clear my head, when I was like, ‘Oh, I know, ‘Future Nostalgia’ could work.'”

Dua added: “At first I worried it was too on the nose, too literal, but by the time I’d gone back to my hotel, I’d solidified it in my head. I messaged my manager and said, ‘I’ve got my album title, I’m going to start working backwards from there.'”

It comes after coronavirus forced Dua to postpone her ‘Future Nostalgia’ tour until early 2021.

The ‘Physical’ singer was set to hit the road in May 2020, but the dates will now take place in January 2021 instead.

In a five-star review, NME described ‘Future Nostalgia’ as “powerful pop perfection from a star unafraid to speak her mind.”

“When she made this album, the musician couldn’t know just how awful a state the world would be upon it’s released,” our review stated.

“But that just makes her achieving her mission all the more important. ‘Future Nostalgia’ is a bright, bold collection of pop majesty to dance away your anxieties to… if only for a little while.