Dua Lipa says she wants to work with more female producers

"I just, in all honesty, don’t know very many"

Dua Lipa has stated that she wants to work with more female producers in future, saying that all-male studio environments can be “intimidating” for younger artists.

Speaking to GQ, the singer admitted that no female producers were involved in the recording of ‘Future Nostalgia’, but remains optimistic that could change on her next album.

“Hopefully in the future I would be able to work with more of them,” Lipa said. “I just, in all honesty, don’t know very many. And I really wish I did, because I would really take the time to sit down and hone in a sound with women.”


The record was released in March of this year to widespread acclaim, with NME heralding it as “powerful pop perfection from a singer unafraid to speak her mind.”

The ‘Physical’ singer previously worked with female producers on her debut album, including Emily Warren and Caroline Ailin, who co-wrote ‘New Rules’, and Sarah Hudson, who co-wrote ‘Genesis’, and cited their collaboration as a positive experience.

“They really helped me come into myself and be able to write things that come from the heart,” Lipa explained. “My very, very closest friends are all girls. I always feel it’s easier to talk to girls and I’m more open around female energy. Maybe if women in general had a little bit more of that in studios it wouldn’t feel so intimidating to begin with.”

The singer also stated that she was less confident expressing herself with male producers when she first started, as she “felt these people had been doing it for longer than me.”


Earlier this week (May 4), Lipa said her second album would have never been made if she hadn’t quit social media.

Speaking to Adwoah Aboah’s Gurl’s Talk podcast, the singer revealed that ‘Future Nostalgia’ wouldn’t have seen the light of day if she “hadn’t taken a step back” from online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook while recording it.