DVNA releases new single ‘Half Past Sober’

Her first new track of 2020

Gold Coast producer and singer/songwriter DVNA has unveiled a new single titled ‘Half Past Sober’.

Listen to the track below:


In a press statement for the new single, DVNA (pronounced Da-na) explained the song depicted a true story about heartache and betrayal.

“My friend told me about her relationship that was equally as passionate as it was toxic,” DVNA says.

“A dysfunctional, heated, electric love affair that probably never should have happened, though glad it did. We’ve all been in situations where feelings aren’t reciprocated. You begin to feel weak, desperate and slowly turn into a shell of your former self. Pricking your fingers on the staples barely holding the relationship together and learning to love the pain.”

‘Half Past Sober’ was co-produced with Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Fractures in his studio.

The song follows DVNA’s last single ‘Sushi In Tokyo’, released in August 2019. So far, DVNA has released four tracks, which have racked up over 3million Spotify streams. Her debut single ‘Girl On The Move’ was nominated for Song Of The Year at the Gold Coast Music Awards.


DVNA has supported the likes of Alicy Ivy, LEISURE, Kira Puru and Arno Faraji, and was named Triple J Unearthed’s feature artist in January 2020.




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