DZ Deathrays share lyrics and chords for new single ‘Make Yourself Mad’ ahead of release

The band are keen to hear fans' interpretation of the track before they've heard the original

DZ Deathrays have adopted a novel format to preview their latest single, ‘Make Yourself Mad’, sharing the chords and lyrics two weeks before the song’s actual release.

The band says they’re keen to hear interpretations of the single on “any instrument”, before people have heard the original. They’ve asked fans creating their own versions of the song to tag or send the video to DZ Deathrays’ social media.

Learn the words and chords from the post below.


The new track’s lyrics appear to channel the perpetual outrage machine of the internet, amidst polarised politics and fake news: “Reading a headline/ Choosing your side/ Miseducated they/ Try to change your mind“.

‘Make Yourself Mad’ will be officially released on May 12 as the latest cut from their forthcoming album ‘Positive Rising: Part 2’, set for a July 9 release. The record will feature singles ‘Fired Up’, ‘Fear The Anchor’ and ‘All or Nothing’.

NME included ‘Positive Rising: Part 2’ on its list of Australian albums to look forward to in 2021.

Vocalist-guitarist Shane Parsons told NME the band “should have had this record out in 2020 but being the year it was we wanted to give ourselves the best chance to showcase how proud we are of this album… both on and off the stage.


“It’s definitely one of the biggest groove-based albums we have done to date with some of my favourite riffs littered throughout.”

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