e4444e shares abstract ‘Coldstream Road’ documentary

Directed by frequent collaborator David Lobb

e4444e, the singer-songwriter also known as Romy Church, has shared an abstract short documentary about the making of his debut album ‘Coldstream Road’.

The eight-minute film was made by David Lobb, a friend of Church and frequent visual collaborator. On The Coldstream Road was shot over a trip to Tasmania from earlier this year.

It’s predominantly composed of shots of the Tasmanian bush, including from the top of Mount Wellington, with Church speaking over the top of music from ‘Coldstream Road’. It also features footage from a live e4444e show.


At one point, Church describes the writing process which led to the album.

“It was just so new to me to play without heaps of sounds going at once. Trying to find a way to play guitar…that were stripped back, like heaps of music I like. It seemed like I was just writing a Neil Young song or something,” he said.

Watch the documentary below:

In a Deafen Country interview, Lobb said the editing of the documentary was “like writing a love letter to each other”.

“Going back into memory and emotion, time and place! It’s very special to me, I hope you can enjoy that too – or think of your own friends, maybe try and make something for a loved one!”


NME Australia named ‘Coldstream Road’ one of its ten album picks for June this year, writing that it aims for “something more melodic yet simultaneously dissonant…[and] is his most ambitious and challenging release to date”.