e4444e shares new song ‘Suite’ from forthcoming collaborative arts performance

'Invisible Stone', the musician's collaborative performance piece with lovedavid and Skip Willcox, will make its Sydney debut later this month

Newcastle sound artist Romy Church – aka e4444e – has shared a new song titled ‘Suite’ alongside an accompanying performance video.

The new track is a studio recording of a composition Church originally wrote and performed for his collaborative arts performance, Invisible Stone. The multi-disciplinary performance, made with creative director lovedavid and choreographer Skip Willcox, will have its Sydney premiere this month.

‘Suite’ juxtaposes eerie, ambient textures with distorted vocals and guitar, distinct elements revealing themselves slowly. There’s a somewhat disorienting feel to the track as it reaches its drone-like peak, Church repeating the refrain of “invisible stone” above a whirring, layered wall of sound.


Watch the video for ‘Suite’, taken from Invisible Stone‘s debut performance in Newcastle earlier this year, below:


Last month, Church and his collaborators announced that Invisible Stone would be making its Sydney debut in June. The “immersive arts experience” will intertwine each artist’s respective disciplines, with a score composed and performed by Church on the evening paired with visual elements and dance.

According to a description, Invisible Stone utilises the combination of those sonic compositions and visual environments in order to explore “the interplay between the cosmic and the mundane; a shiver with no chill; a lump in the throat; a premonition.”


Invisible Stone will premiere at the Seymour Centre on June 24, with support from producer Flower Boy. Tickets are available here.

‘Coldstream Road’, Church’s debut album under the e4444e moniker, arrived back in June of last year, preceded by singles ‘Wind Nocturne’ and ‘Solar’.