e4444e tackles life’s “lack of magic” on new single ‘Bushfire Story’

The track is accompanied by a dark music video, created by lovedavid

Newcastle-based e4444e has returned with ‘Bushfire Story’, his first single since the release of his debut album last year.

The guitar-led track touches on themes of spirituality, with a hushed vocal line akin to that of Elliot Smith. The single is part of a larger body of work which will be revealed shortly.

‘Bushfire Story’ arrives with a music video, created by previous collaborator lovedavid, following two masked creatures wandering through the dark while e4444e’s Romy Church sings by a bonfire.


Watch the clip for ‘Bushfire Story’ below:

Church said the song’s lyrics reference “a lack of ‘magic’ or spirituality or whatever you want to call it in the way we live”.

“I guess a personal longing for a more grounded and “real” life if that means anything. The feeling of the song is more in the rhythm and repetition of the chords; the soaring rolling on feeling with things flying overhead.”

e4444e released his debut LP ‘Coldstream Road’ last year through Spunk. Since then, the singer-songwriter teamed up with experimental artists lovedavid and Skip Willcox to produce Invisible Stone, a project combining visual elements, music and dance. The project was expected to tour, but a resurgenes in COVID-19 cases brought plans to a halt.