Eastbound Buzz release new single and video ‘Waiting To Happen’

The band's third single this year

Melbourne band Eastbound Buzz have released a new single, ‘Waiting To Happen’.

The track, released today (August 24), is the band’s third single this year after sharing ‘Every 15’ in March, followed by ‘Where You Gonna Go’ in May.

The band have also released an accompanying music video for the new single. Bassist Jethro Kalt created the video, filming it on a VHS camera.


Watch the video for ‘Waiting to Happen’ below:

Jarryn Phegan, the band’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, explained in a statement that ‘Waiting To Happen’ detailed “the end of a relationship”, specifically when one “see[s] the warning signs but [chooses] to ignore them”.

“[It] details putting off the inevitable for the purpose of self-preservation,” he added.

Kalt said the video was created while he and Phegan were in lockdown together.


“I’ve been wanting to film something with this old VHS camera I have for a while,” he said. “‘Waiting to Happen’ is probably the perfect song to match its kind of nostalgic look.

“It was a really nice sunny day… I was just filming anything I could see in Jarryn’s backyard.”

The band formed in 2016 originally under the name Wolpertinger. They later changed it to Eastbound Buzz and released their debut EP, ‘Opportunity Shop,’ in April 2019.