Eat Your Heart Out share soaring new single ‘Sour’, announce second album

‘Can’t Stay Forever’ will be out in September – hear the latest preview of it now

Eat Your Heart Out have returned with a lively new single titled ‘Sour’, sharing it today (July 15) alongside the news that their second album will be out in September.

In a press release, frontwoman Caitlin Henry said the new track was one of the last that Eat Your Heart Out wrote for the record, and went through several iterations. “We initially had a slightly different instrumental track that we just couldn’t quite get to work with anything vocally,” she explained, noting that after they re-worked the music with their producer, the vocals came together “within a day or two”.

Thematically, ‘Sour’ is about “seeing someone bottle up their negative feelings and dissociating, rather than talking it out, and getting stuck in a cycle”. Have a look at its accompanying music video, directed by Kieran Ellis-Jones and produced by Crystal Arrow Films, below:


‘Sour’ comes as the second preview of Eat Your Heart Out’s forthcoming sophomore album – revealed today to be titled ‘Can’t Stay Forever’ – following the release of ‘Down’ last month. The album itself will arrive on September 9 via Fearless, and is said to carry an overarching theme of growth.

“Everything always moves into a new phase,” Henry mused in her statement. “It might feel bad at the time. When you look back on change, it’s always for the best.

“The pandemic showed me that in a way. It changed everything we’d been planning for the band. We just had to work our jobs and be at home. We established more adult routines, which gave us a chance to experience normality. Nothing is permanent. Anything can change at any time. You have to see the positives.”

You can see the cover art and tracklisting for ‘Can’t Stay Forever’ below, and find pre-orders for the album here.


1. ‘Forget Me’
2. ‘Down’
3. ‘Scissors’
4. ‘Twenty Something’
5. ‘Heavenly’
6. ‘Hostage’
7. ‘Blood’
8. ‘Sour’
9. ‘Poison’
10. ‘Deep End’
11. ‘Headfirst’

Eat Your Heart Out released their debut album, ‘Florescence’, in May 2019. It sported three singles – ‘Carousel’, ‘Spinning’ and ‘Closer To The Sun’ – as well as a special video for the album cut ‘Pear Tree’.