Eat Your Heart Out wage war on social media with blistering single ‘Down’

The band are gearing up to release their long-awaited second album – hear the first preview of it now

Eat Your Heart Out have shared an explosive new single titled ‘Down’, coming as their first new tune in more than three years. 

Released yesterday (June 17), the band explained in a press release that ‘Down’ was written as a rumination on “the idea of social media addiction”. In particular, the song addresses a common problem among young people online, “when you’re comparing yourself to others or see a negative comment about yourself or your art from some random person on the Internet”.

They continued: “You know you shouldn’t give it any weight, but sometimes, you do it anyway. You always come out feeling worse, but it’s so easy to become addicted to the quick validation of social media.”


Have a look at the accompanying music video for ‘Down’, helmed by Crystal Arrow Films with Kieran Ellis-Jones directing, below:

‘Down’ is said to be the first single from a larger body of work, with the band continuing in their statement: “We had a lot of fun recording Down and experimenting with some different guitar sounds. As one of the heavier and rockier songs on the record, it is already one of our favourites to play live.”

Eat Your Heart Out released their debut album, ‘Florescence’, in May 2019 via Fearless Records. It sported three singles – ‘Carrousel’, ‘Spinning’ and ‘Closer To The Sun’ – as well as a special video for the album cut ‘Pear Tree’. Their second album is expected to land later this year through the same label, and will mark the last release to feature guitarist Andrew Anderson following his departure last month.