Ebonivory dropped by label, band members depart after “serious allegations” against vocalist

Charlie Powlett of the Ballarat metal band has issued a statement

Following “serious allegations” made against Ebonivory lead vocalist Charlie Powlett, four members have left the Ballarat metal outfit, who have also been dropped by their label Wild Thing Records.

The news was first reported by The Music earlier today (September 11). Wild Thing – who released the band’s latest album ‘The Long Dream I’ back in June – issued a statement revealing they “have been made aware of some serious allegations of a certain band member, of which Wild Things Presents condone this behaviour”.

They added, “we as a company can no longer continue to work with this particular act”, and have “terminated all activity effective immediately”.

“We hope the alleged behaviour of said individual can be addressed and treatment sought.”

The label did not specify the nature of the allegations, or who made the allegations. Read their full statement below.

Statement Concerning Ebonivory: We have been made aware of some serious allegations of a certain band member, of which…

Posted by Wild Thing Presents on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Powlett has since issued his own statement on Ebonivory’s Facebook page addressing the departure of his bandmates Jake Ewings (guitar), Louis Edwards (guitar), Connor McMillan (bass) and Dave Parkes (drums), as well as the band’s ejection from Wild Thing Records.

“I fully honour and sympathise with their decisions,” he wrote. “I have recently come to understand that many of my actions in the past have been malicious, inconsiderate and disrespectful to a number of friends and previous partners in my life.”

“Behaviour as such is not excusable by any means, nor am I trying to save face or devalue the validity of anyone’s perspective by offering a statement. Anyone affected by my past actions has a right to share their experiences and I truly hope that they have been able to talk about it in their support networks.”

Powlett goes on to say that since seeking treatment for a late diagnosis of autism and severe depression several months ago, he has had “the much-welcomed opportunity” to reflect on past behaviours.

Powlett says he will be placing the Ebonivory project on hold, but will continue fulfilling orders of the band’s album and merch and making donations to Beyond Blue and Aspect Australia.

He wrote: “I let my trauma define me for far too long, and consequently I had traumatic impacts on some of the people that I truly care about. I have reached out and apologized personally to those I may have impacted negatively, and while I do not expect forgiveness, I hope that knowing I’m no longer oblivious to the consequences of my actions might provide some degree of closure.”

When contacted by NME, a publicist for Wild Thing Records said the label would not comment any further on Ebonivory or Powlett’s statement.

Read Powlett’s statement below:

Hello fans, family and friends.Earlier today, Jake, Connor, Louis and Dave as well as previous representatives…

Posted by Ebonivory on Thursday, September 10, 2020