Eco$ystem releases new track ‘Hop Out’ featuring Dau Dau

It's label 66Record's third release in three weeks

Melbourne rapper Eco$ystem has released a new track ‘Hop Out’, featuring fellow rapper Dau Dau.

In addition to the new track, Eco$ystem has also released an accompanying music clip. Watch the video below:


In a statement, the two artists explained how the track came together, saying the lyrics are about trying new things.

“We both brought our A-game to the table and organically made this hit. This song is about hopping out of your comfort zone and letting the rage out no matter who is against you,” Eco$ystem said.

“I was out with my homie running errands when I got the email from Eco with the ‘Hop Out’ demo,” Dau Dau added.

“I was so hyped to get on the track, we made a U-turn to go [to] the studio, and I got the verse done that night.”

The release comes as Eco$ystem’s label, Melbourne’s 66Records, locked in a joint venture with Warner Music Australia. ‘Hop Out’ follows a joint track released by Eco$ystem and labelmates BBG Smokey, Baby T and Lil Jaye in April, titled ‘Devil Persona‘. The four rappers on the song were the first to join the boutique label, which has released three tracks in three weeks.

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