Ed Kuepper announces three new compilations, including rare Laughing Clowns vinyl

The first Laughing Clowns vinyl release since the band broke up in 1984 is coming

Ed Kuepper has announced three limited release compilations on vinyl spanning his solo career, the Laughing Clowns, and the Aints.
The most significant is a rare Laughing Clowns vinyl, the first released on the format since the band broke up in 1984. ‘Golden Days/When Giants Walked The Earth’ features 10 “entry-level” tracks curated by Kuepper himself, including classics ‘Eternally Yours’, ‘Everything That Flies’ and ‘Holy Joe’.

The Laughing Clowns - 'Golden Days' album cover
The album artwork for Laughing Clowns – ‘Golden Days’

The second is Kuepper’s first-ever solo singles collection, composed of all the A-Side singles the singer-songwriter released between 1986 and 1996. All 20 have been remastered.


Ed Kuepper 'Singles '86-96' album artwork
The album artwork for Ed Kuepper ‘Singles ’86-96’

Most recent is ‘The Aints Live At Marrickville Bowlo’, a recording of the band playing their debut album ‘The Church of Simultaneous Existence’ in full two days before they began recording it in the studio. The Aints are descended from The Saints, the seminal Queensland punk band Kuepper helped found in 1973.

The Aints’ debut album was comprised of unrecorded versions of songs Kuepper wrote during the period around The Saints, rearranging and recording them in the present day.

The Aints' 'Live At The Marrickville Bowlo' album artwork
The album artwork for The Aints’ ‘Live At The Marrickville Bowlo’.

The three limited vinyl compilations are set for a May 28 release via Kuepper’s website, and select record stores.


In August last year, Kuepper hosted a one-off online show playing the songs of The Laughing Clowns, marking 41 years since the band’s first live shows. It was the third livestream from Kuepper during the pandemic, following two others during which he performed his solo albums ‘Today Wonder’ and ‘Electric Storm’ in full.