Ed Kuepper to play ‘Today Wonder’ in full for its 30th anniversary

In lieu of a planned anniversary tour

Ed Kuepper has announced a one-off livestream performance of his 1990 solo album ‘Today Wonder’ to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year.

In a Facebook post, Kuepper said the livestream performance is in lieu of a planned anniversary tour this year.

“I will be playing the album from start to finish in all it’s 12 string acoustic home-made glory for the first [and possibly only] time in years,” he wrote.


The performance is free, but Kuepper shared a Pay Pal link for those who wished to donate here. It’s set to broadcast from Kuepper’s Facebook page on June 20 from 8pm AEST.

‘Today Wonder’ marked a new chapter in Kuepper’s solo career upon its release, following the almost gleeful jangle of his first three solo albums. In Clinton Walker’s book Stranded: The Secret History of Australian Independent Music 1977–1991, Kuepper described how he had difficulty getting the album released in part due to its austere and melancholy sound.

“We hawked them around everywhere. Given that a couple of the songs on that album have broken me, it’s pretty ironic. Record companies just couldn’t hear anything,” Kuepper said.

“I [had] wanted to do something that had a much looser approach. Today Wonder was about as open as you can get. They were all demos. The album I did in a weekend with Dawson.”

Kuepper released his last solo album ‘Lost Cities’ in 2015. In 2018, he recorded an album with The ‘Aints, ‘The Church of Simultaneous Existence’, which compiled the songs Kuepper had written for his former band The Saints, but had never got to record.