Eddie Vedder recalls last-minute trip to Vegas with Dennis Rodman to see Jane’s Addiction

The Pearl Jam frontman and the NBA star decided to fly from Seattle to Vegas for the gig three hours before it started

Eddie Vedder has recalled the time he and Dennis Rodman flew from Seattle to Vegas to see Jane’s Addiction three-and-a-half hours before the band were due on stage.

The Pearl Jam frontman and the former Chicago Bulls star have a “long, long, deep friendship” according to the musician.

In an interview with Bill Simmons, Vedder shared the anecdote, which took place when the Bulls were in his hometown to play the Seattle Supersonics. While he and Rodman were hanging out at the team’s hotel, Rodman’s security guard presented three plane tickets, with the basketball player explaining Jane’s Addiction were playing in Vegas that night.



“And I’m like, ‘Jesus Christ, it’s like fucking six o’clock,’” Vedder said. “He’s like, ‘We’ll get there by nine, they don’t go on until 9:30.’”

The trio went to the airport, where Vedder said: “People [were] creating a running trail behind [Rodman], like this river”. They made it to the gig in time and were sitting side of the stage when the band came on. According to the musician, Rodman turned to him and said: “This is relaxing, right?”

“That’s how on rocket jet fuel he was, that that was relaxing,” Vedder said, adding they both flew back to Seattle that night.


Meanwhile, Pearl Jam released their new video for ‘Retrograde’ yesterday (May 15), which features Greta Thunberg. The Swedish climate activist is shown as a fortune teller, revealing the consequences of inaction on climate change.

The song features on the band’s latest album ‘Gigaton’, which was released in March. In a three-star review, NME said: “Pearl Jam have, undoubtedly, as pioneers and figures that have shaped rock history, earned the right to make whatever the fuck they like. But the question is whether anyone is still listening any more? With this multi-faceted record, the answer is likely yes. It just won’t change your life.”