Egoism grapple with helplessness on pensive new single ‘2016-2018’

The indie-pop duo’s national tour kicks off next week

Sydney indie-pop duo Egoism have returned with their second new tune for 2022: a pensive acoustic ballad titled ‘2016-2018’.

Contrasting the colourful, summery synthpop of ‘For Ages’ – which the pair released last month – the new track wields a much more spacious and lowkey, yet still intensively poignant soundscape. It fits in with the soul-baring themes explored in the track’s lyrics, as the duo’s Olive Rush said of those themes in a statement: “I’m convinced that your capacity for fear peaks at 18. 

“I was completely directionless and trying to find who ‘my people’ were,” she said. “I made a close friend, and over two years I watched their life descend into total chaos as I was helpless to do anything. Mainly because I was circling the same drain. So I wrote this song to say what I wish I could have said back then. Writing it kind of made me realise how little power I had over what happened. In some ways it’s closure.”


‘2016-2018’ arrives today (April 28) alongside a video – directed by Billy Zammit, who also helmed the ‘For Ages’ video – that stands out with neon-tinged lighting and a cinematic flair. Have a look at that below:

Speaking on the concept for the video, Rush’s bandmate, Scout Eastment, said: “We wanted to make sure that the video for ‘2016-2018’ was something simple, where it’s clear that it’s Olive and I singing to someone we used to know. It was filmed on the same day as the video for ‘For Ages’, in my friend’s sharehouse just down the street from the ‘For Ages’ fruit shop.

“I was so nervous when Billy and the crew had to climb onto the roof of my friend’s Redfern terrace in order to cover up the skylight, since we didn’t have time to film at night. My friend Molly had her acting debut as the subject of the song and i think she looks beautiful.”

With today’s release of ‘2016-2018’, the band have combined it with ‘For Ages’ to make for one double A-side package. It follows the standalone single ‘Lonely But Not Alone’, which came last May as the follow-up to Egoism’s debut EP, 2020’s ‘On Our Mind’.


Fans will be able to see Egoism live next month, with a five-date tour of the east coast kicking off in Brisbane on Saturday May 7. They’ll head to Melbourne a few weeks later, playing the Workers Club on Friday May 20, before hitting stages in Wollongong, Newcastle and Sydney. Tickets for all shows on the run are on sale now via the duo’s Linktree.