EGOISM release new single ‘Here’s The Thing’

The Sydney duo's second single of 2020

Sydney dream-pop duo EGOISM have shared their new single, ‘Here’s The Thing.’

The track, released today (September 17), is the band’s second single of 2020. It follows the release of ‘You You,’ which the band put out in February.

The band supported the single’s release at the time with an East Coast tour at the end of that month with Pinkish Blu.


Listen to ‘Here’s The Thing’ below:

triple j’s Bridget Hustwaite premiered ‘Here’s The Thing’ on her program Good Nights on Tuesday night, prior to the single’s official release.

EGOISM – comprised of singer-songwriters and guitarists Olive Rush and Scout Eastment – wrote, recorded and produced the song themselves.

Rush, who wrote the song’s lyrics and takes its lead vocals, describes ‘Here’s The Thing’ as “a really really sad and depressing song about feeling like your heart is getting smashed into a million pieces.”


“Olive wrote this one,” said Eastment, “so I can tell you that it’s my favourite song they’ve ever written.”

‘Here’s The Thing’ marks the duo’s fifth standalone single since their formation in 2015. It joins ‘You You,’ 2019’s ‘Enemies’ and ‘What Are We Doing?’, as well as 2018’s ‘Sorry’.

The duo continue to work toward an official follow-up to their debut EP, 2017’s ‘It’s Wearing Off’.