Eilish Gilligan announces debut EP ‘Hospital’

Featuring singles 'Flesh' and 'Calling Me Out'

Melbourne singer-songwriter Eilish Gilligan has announced her debut EP, ‘Hospital’, will be released this Thursday (November 26).

The six-track independent release is self-produced, and features the two previously released singles ‘Flesh’ and ‘Calling Me Out’.

To mark the release, Gilligan will perform the record in full on Wednesday (November 25) from 4pm AEDT on Twitch.


Over the past year, Gilligan has increasingly turned to Twitch streaming, giving insights into composition and production. She recently took part in Twitch’s ANZ Creative Showcase, celebrating the release of ‘Flesh’ with a live-streamed performance.

‘Calling Me Out’, released earlier this month, was co-written with Eskimo Joe‘s Joel Quartermain. The soulful, minimal track is a meditation in the wake of a Christmas Day argument – in a press statement, Gilligan said she “felt as though unjustified insults were being hurled my way and because I was so caught off guard, I had nothing to say…I wish I could have said this at that moment”.

Eilish Gilligan's 'Hospital'
The album artwork for Eilish Gilligan’s ‘Hospital’ EP

‘Flesh’ arrived in October as the first song Gilligan had ever self-produced. In a statement upon release, the singer-songwriter said the track is “actually a happy song, or at least it’s the happiest I get”, despite the first impressions it gives off.


“The track arose from someone saying ‘I think about you all the time’,” she said.

“There’s something about having those words be said to you honestly that is so disarming and bright.”

The tracklist of Eilish Gilligan’s ‘Hospital’ EP is:

1. ‘When You Are Well’
2. ‘Calling Me Out’
3. ‘October, December’
4. ‘Anniversary’
5. ‘Flesh’
6. ‘Hospital’