Eilish Gilligan shares melancholy new single, ‘Flesh’

Her second release for the year

Melbourne singer-songwriter Eilish Gilligan has returned with her second single for the year, ‘Flesh’.

The indie-pop track is the first song Gilligan has produced entirely on her own, and follows on from her previous 2020 single, ‘I Just Want To Look At You’, released in February. Where its predecessor was more upbeat, ‘Flesh’ is far more orchestral and solemn.

Listen to ‘Flesh’ below:


In a statement, Gilligan said the track is “actually a happy song, or at least it’s the happiest I get”, despite the first impressions it gives off.

“The track arose from someone saying ‘I think about you all the time’,” she said.

“There’s something about having those words be said to you honestly that is so disarming and bright.”

Gilligan is currently taking part in Twitch’s ANZ Creative Showcase between October 19 and November 1. On the final day, the singer will celebrate the release of ‘Flesh’ with a Twitch livestream. The singer regularly streams on Twitch on Sunday and Monday evenings, and Thursday and Friday afternoons.


Back in June, Gilligan announced a series of livestreams where she would perform covers of her favourite tracks from Lady Gaga’s recent album, ‘Chromatica‘. Funds raised from the livestreams were split between charities Bridging The Gap Foundation and Black Visions Collective.