Eliott releases new single and video for ‘Circles’

Her first new release of 2020

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Eliott has released her first song of 2020 today (April 17), entitled ‘Circles’. She also shared the single’s video clip, which was filmed in Paris. Watch below:

In a statement, Eliott explained that the song is highly autobiographical. “It navigates through a lot of my life,” she said.


“Dropping out of university, letting down my parents, always being on diets, and ultimately living in this cycle of making mistakes”.

“Those things have made me confident and strong though, and make me love who I am… I wouldn’t change a thing”.

Eliott penned the tune at a songwriting camp with Jack River collaborator, Xavier Dunn, and fellow Melbourne singer-songwriter, Sam Phay. It was later mixed and produced by Chris Collins, who has previously collaborated with Middle Kids and Tigertown.

French graphic artist and videographer, Martin Bouffange, directed the clip for ‘Circles’.

“[‘Circles’] is raw and vulnerable, so I wanted the video to be that in its simplest form,” Eliott said, “so we shot one shot of me walking in a loop around the beautiful streets of Paris, ending up back where I started from.”

Since the September 2018 release of her debut EP ‘Bold Enough’, Eliott has been busy recording and releasing the singles ‘Shaking My Hips’ and ‘Find A Way’. Her vocals have featured on tracks by Kite String Tangle and Lucian Blomkamp, and last year she co-wrote Montaigne’s song, ‘READY’.