Elmo Aoyama releases new single ’21’

The third single from her forthcoming EP 'Spells'

Elmo Aoyama has shared ’21’, the third single from her forthcoming debut solo EP ‘Spells’.

The new track features call and response verses in English and Japanese, telling two different perspectives on a “friendship long lost and slightly salvaged since”. Listen to it below:


Aoyama elaborated on the friendship behind the track in a press statement.

“I watched the rise and deepening of their troubles and was concerned for their inevitable fall. At the time the only solution seemed to be for them to remove themselves from their situation, to leave and heal,” she explained.

“Regardless of their situation, people often go through similar problems. The reaction to these problems is a matter of context and perception.”

Aoyama is best known for her work as the bassist of Big White. Her new solo material diverges from Big White’s guitar pop towards a kitschy synth-pop sound, inspired by The Knife.

The Sydney singer-songwriter recorded the ‘Spells’ EP back in 2017 at her isolated Blue Mountains home, with “no internet, no phone service, a waterfall down the road and west-facing windows backing onto bush”.


The songs were printed on a small number of homemade CDs and were sold in Japan on the only tour of the project before it was abandoned. Now, she has brought them back for their official release. Alongside ’21’, Aoyama has shared the title track and ‘Summertime’.

‘Spells’ is set for an August 26 release through Dinosaur CityNME Australia has confirmed ‘Spells’ no longer has an American distributor following the dissolution of Burger Records in the US after allegations of sexual misconduct were levelled at some of its employees and artists. It will be distributed in the EU/UK by Geertruida.