Elsy Wameyo shares new single ‘River Nile’ and announces debut EP

The singer, rapper and producer's 'Nilotic' EP will arrive in April

Nairobi-born, Adelaide-based singer, rapper and producer Elsy Wameyo has shared new single ‘River Nile’, alongside news that her debut EP ‘Nilotic’ will arrive in April.

Following on from the EP’s title track back in November, ‘River Nile’ sees Wameyo delivering rapid-fire verses above a self-produced instrumental pairing rumbling sub bass, modulating synths and hyperactive, trappy electronic percussion.

In a press statement, Wameyo described the new single as “a revelation” and “a turning point” that led her to “understand who I truly am”.


“I had been so weak, fighting a battle that was never mine. This song came about after I learnt how to strategically use the power within,” she added. “I journeyed with this song to find a place of rest. I reached a level where I no longer had to work. Instead, I used the forces around me to gain altitude. The moment I found it, it was game over for everyone else.”

An accompanying music video for ‘River Nile’ has also been shared. Wameyo co-directed the video herself, alongside Leighton Bond. Watch that below:

‘Nilotic’ is set to arrive on April 1 via Music in Exile. The Melbourne-based label releases work from artists working in culturally or linguistically diverse communities in Australia –having previously issued music by Gordon Koang, Mindy Meng Wang, Ajak Kwai and Wameyo herself.

“What you will hear is the journey of a confident, frustrated and sad Elsy attempting to heal within,” Wameyo says of the forthcoming EP.

“What you won’t see is the spiritual journey I took with my Father to learn, through obedience and true faith, that I can do all things. This EP was never the point. ‘Nilotic’ is just a byproduct of God’s grace in my life.”


Elsy Wameyo’s ‘Nilotic’ tracklist is:

1. ‘River Nile’
2. ‘Promise’
3. ‘Sulwe’
4. ‘The Call’
5. ‘Nilotic’
6. ‘Hunger’