Elvis Costello rings in 2021 with new song ‘Farewell, OK 2020’

A different version of the song appears to have been deleted

Elvis Costello has welcomed the new year with a fresh tune titled ‘Farewell, OK 2020’.

The singer-songwriter, who released his 31st studio album ‘Hey Clockface’ last October, bid goodbye to 2020 with an experimental, disconcerting track that runs at just over a minute.

“Farewell, OK 2020”, the musician tweeted with a link to the song on YouTube, which was released yesterday (January 1).


Costello first teased something called ‘Farewell, OK’ on Sunday (December 27) which – judging by one fan’s reaction to the singer’s “Farewell, OK 2020” tweet – sounded markedly different from the finished product. “Wait wtf happened to the original version lol,” the person wrote on Twitter.

According to Rolling Stone, the singer had shared a version of the song on Friday (December 31) containing the lyrics: “Farewell, OK/ You’ll be on way/ You’ll be on your own now/ Much to my dismay” and “I can’t go on/ After what you’ve done“.

However these lyrics do not appear to feature, or are at least not obviously discernible, on the “Farewell, OK 2020” version shared by Costello yesterday. Judging by broken video links, the original version has now been wiped from record with no explanation as to why.

In other news, Iggy Pop recently covered an Elvis Costello song taken from the musician’s latest album, ‘Hey Clockface’.

‘No Flag’, which is the second track from Costello’s album, has been re-versioned largely in French by the punk legend.


Costello said in a recent Musician on Musicians interview with Iggy for Rolling Stone that the original ‘No Flag’ was a nod to Iggy And The Stooges’ 1969 classic ‘No Fun’.