Emalia shares new single and music video for ‘Who?’

The music video completes a three-part narrative

Sydney-based R&B artist Emalia has premiered her latest single ‘Who?’.

Emalia also released an accompanying music video, which completes a three-part narrative for prequels ‘Prima Donna’ and ‘2am Habit’.

Watch the video below:


In a press release, Emalia said ‘Who?’ is an “anthem for loving yourself before anyone else… with a few cheeky innuendos”.

“I remember a few friends noticing something different about me, I was smiling more, I felt more confident; they eventually put it down to there being someone new in my life. And when they asked me ‘who is he?’, this track was my response. I was feeling myself in the studio that day, that’s for sure,” she said.

‘Who’ was produced by Jon Hoskins (Khalid, partynextdoor), and the music video was created with production studio PAVLOVA.

“I’m a huge movie buff, so I really wanted to create cinematic visuals with a story-line; something compelling enough to intrigue fans beyond the music, and which told a little of my own story in a fictional setting,” Emalia said.


The trilogy of videos were delivered in a reverse chronological order — an artistic choice by Emalia.

“It was fun to see people a little confused after the video for ‘2am Habit’ dropped,” she said.

“I hope seeing this last.. or technically first.. part of the story serves as that ‘light bulb’ moment.”