Emerson Snowe releases new single ‘Frankenstein’ from forthcoming EP

Snowe will release a new collection of tracks later this year

Brisbane-born Emerson Snowe has released a new song, ‘Frankenstein’, serving as the lead single for his forthcoming EP.

The synth-heavy single arrives with an accompanying music video, featuring sinister animations by LA-based creative Joe Sams. In a statement, the singer – real name Jarrod Mahon – recalled how he met Sams at a party in the US.

“Later on in the evening a dude arrived holding two life-sized hand-made puppets – similar to the muppets from Sesame Street,” he said.


“I watched him place them down in chairs in the dining room, he placed a beer into one of the puppet’s hands and closed it shut. Whoever this cat was I knew I wanted to do something with him.

“Later on, he told me that he had folders and scrapbooks full of disembodied corpses and really grotesque images that he wasn’t able to use in any of his previous projects. I’m so grateful to have met him and have something to show of this period in both of our lives.”

Watch the clip for ‘Frankenstein’ below:

Mahon said ‘Frankenstein’ was written in just 30 minutes, and was the last track written for the EP.

“I had moved from one addiction onto another. This track, although it was written very fast, holds a lot of weight into who I was at that time. A time of self-isolation, not sleeping until midday the next day, and gripping onto any ego I thought I had at all,” he said.


Snowe will release his currently-untitled EP later this year, following on from his debut EP, ‘That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll’, in 2019.

Last year, the singer shared a cover of King Krule’s track ‘Alone, Omen 3’, with a music video shot by King Krule himself. Snowe had previously supported King Krule during his Australian tour.