Listen to Emma Russack’s reflective new song, ‘Space and Time’

The singer-songwriter and Snowy Band member returns with a new solo cut

Singer-songwriter and Snowy Band member Emma Russack has returned with a new song titled ‘Space and Time’, her first solo single since 2019 album ‘Winter Blues’.

The sauntering acoustic track sees Russack assisted by several of her bandmates – it was recorded by Dylan Young, mixed by Liam Halliwell and features Nathalie Pavlovic on backing vocals.

In a statement, Russack said the song “is about finding comfort in distance and disconnection; allowing yourself to remember the good times (and bad) but accepting that they are in the past, and the importance of moving forward and learning from it all”.


‘Space and Time’ arrives alongside a video created by Jordan Thompson of The Ocean Party and Pop Filter, from the perspective of a bee. Watch that below:

“The song floats and glides on its own, so finding a visual accompaniment that moved in the same way was the whole idea,” Thompson said of the clip.

“Emma let me explore the concept on my own so it was a very free experience of watching this insect move through the space in time with the music and just seeing what it wanted to do.”

While Russack’s last solo album was ‘Winter Blues’, she’s since released a collaborative record with The Ocean Party and Pop Filter’s Lachlan Denton, ‘Take the Reigns’. According to the press release for ‘Space and Time’, there’s a new collaborative record in the works from the duo.


Snowy Band, which Russack sings and plays guitar in, released their debut album ‘Audio Commentary’ last year. Earlier this month, it was announced the band’s second album, ‘Alternate Endings’, would be arriving in August via Spunk.

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