Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele shares new single ‘Armageddon Slice’

Steele's solo album, 'Listen To The Water', will arrive in May

Luke Steele from Empire Of The Sun and The Sleepy Jackson has shared a new single ‘Armageddon Slice’, the latest cut from his forthcoming solo album ‘Listen To The Water’.

Written during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the track is carried by a bright yet pensive tone, with Steele meditating on mankind’s future above gentle fingerpicked acoustic guitar and warm synth pads.

The accompanying music video sees Steele performing in waterways and forests. Watch it below:


The video actually opens with a poignant message from Steele regarding his path to completing ‘Listen To The Water’. “This solo record was a chance for me to be naked, fearless and on my own,” it reads. “There was a salvation and sadness, dreams and nightmares, heroes and villains, strange changes, epiphanies, miracles and madness. Somehow, I’m still alive.”

Shortly after announcing ‘Listen To The Water’ – which is set for release on May 13 – Steele released its first single, ‘Common Man’, a track the artist said at the time was “about the underdog”.

“The working class, forever hustling but sometimes it gets too much,” Steele said. “But the triumph is born from that struggle and you’ll see the glory within all the moments and tests.”

Empire Of The Sun’s last studio album was 2016’s ‘Two Vines’. Steele and his Empire bandmate Littlemore reunited in 2019 for only their second-ever UK headline show, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their 2009 debut album, ‘Walking On A Dream’, which received a four-star review from NME.

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