Empire Of The Sun address cultural appropriation in past outfits: “I’d hate to think we ever offended anyone”

"There's no denying the inspiration of other cultures that were woven into the first album"

Empire of the Sun’s Nick Littlemore has said the electronic duo would not wear the costumes they sported in their early years in the present day at the expense of other cultures.

Speaking to The Age, Littlemore said “there’s no denying” that the band’s early aesthetic drew heavily from Native American culture, with music videos also filmed in Mexico and China. Since then, the artist has said there has been far greater awareness around the issue.

“I think society has learned a lot over the years about the sensitivity of using other cultural identities to drive their own projects. It’s important to listen to these voices and I do support them. It wasn’t ever the motivation behind Empire, however today I would not wear those same costumes as I did 13 years ago,” Littlemore told The Age.


“I’d hate to think we ever offended anyone, we’ve only ever tried to express unity and create a magical world.”

The interview comes in the wake of accusations of cultural appropriation against Adele, based on a photo where she is seen sporting a Jamaican flag bikini top and Bantu knots.

Empire of the Sun’s last album was ‘Two Vines’, released in 2016. In an interview earlier this year, Littlemore said “quite a lot of work” had been made on a new album, but no timeline has been confirmed.

Last month, Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele and Aminé joined forces for the rapper’s single, ‘Hello‘. It was Aminé’s first release following his latest studio album, ‘Limbo’.