Empress Of releases joint single with Amber Mark, ‘You’ve Got To Feel’

An empowering track released a week before the US election

Empress Of has teamed up with New York singer Amber Mark for her new upbeat pop track ‘You’ve Got To Feel’.

The track was released on Empress Of’s newly-launched label, Major Arcana. Arriving one week out from the US election, the track encourages listeners to make their voices heard. ‘You’ve Got To Feel’ places Mark’s vocals front and centre, with Empress Of as producer.

Listen to the track below:


Empress Of released her third studio album, ‘I’m Your Empress Of’, earlier this year. Upon its release, NME gave the album a five-star review, writing, “Rodriguez has turned heartbreak into a glorious 30 minutes of club-ready electro-smashes. ‘I’m Your Empress Of’ is nothing short of breathtaking”.

In an interview with NME around the time of the album’s release, the singer – real name Lorely Rodriguez – said ‘I’m Your Empress Of’ was far more personal than her previous records.

“When I listened back to it, I felt the way I did when I wrote it, which is so powerful. And I think that’s what’s gonna translate when my fans listen to it, or new fans listen to it. It’s the honesty of just singing bare lyrics like that.”

Amber Mark released her debut album, ‘3:33am’, in 2017. Back in August, Mark released a cover of Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’.

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