Eskimo Joe return with first new music in seven years, ‘Say Something’

A "politically charged single that calls for people to speak up"

Eskimo Joe have returned with their first new music in seven years on single ‘Say Something’.

The band called the new track a “a politically charged single that calls for people to speak up”. They’ve shared a new lyric video, overlaid onto drone footage of empty cities around the globe – watch it below:


The release is timed somewhat deliberately with the world’s political climate, evident in the accompanying band statement.

“Whether we are talking about domestic violence, racism or the environment, to stay silent is to agree with ignorance,” the band wrote.

“Right now, the environment is at a tipping point, we’ve just lived through the worst bush fires in Australia’s history, whilst in the rest of the world floods and famine are at an unprecedented level.

“Unless we say something, governments across the world will continue to make their decisions based on what’s best for the economy, not how to build a better future. Unless we say something, people will continue to believe that this is the only way.”

Eskimo Joe released their last studio album, ‘Wastelands’, in 2013. Frontman Kav Temperly took the band’s relative hiatus over the last seven years to release his solo album, ‘All Your Devotion’ in 2018.


2019 saw the band play a special series of shows with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra, recorded and released on a live album from the Perth Concert Hall.

It’s not clear whether ‘Say Something’ is from a forthcoming album – Temperly told Rolling Stone Australia he was unsure of the future of the band’s music.

“While we’re in the flow of it, we’ll write and record a couple more songs. Whether that turns into an album, I don’t know.”