Evan Klar shares new single ‘Make The Most Of This’

Written in collaboration with Swedish pop artist Nikki Lif

Melbourne songwriter-producer Evan Klar has shared a new single, entitled ‘Make The Most Of This’.

Listen to it below:


‘Make The Most Of This’ was written in collaboration with Swedish pop artist Nikki Lif in Stockholm.

According to a press release, the pair wrote the song on a nylon string guitar “in front of a copy of Mona Lisa whose eyes were replaced with glowing green LEDs”.

“I wanted to write a song using the happy voice in my head, the one that occasionally makes an appearance when I need cheering up,” said Klar in a statement.

“A voice of motivation is so important, I sometimes wish I had a shoulder angel to count on. If I had one then ‘Make The Most Of This’ would be our song, we’d sing and dance to it together.”

Klar also explained the way he interpreted music, suggesting that songs “can mean whatever you want them to”.

“That moment when you’re having a bad day and you find a few bucks in a pocket you forgot about, your mum telling you you’re the best thing that ever happened to her, a high five from a friend or just the entire plot from Good Will Hunting… it can be want ever you want.”


Earlier in January, Klar released single ‘I Do’, co-produced with Milky Chance‘s Tobias Kuhn.

This year, Klar has collaborated with a number of local and international artists including Kate Miller-Heidke, Austen, Marloe and Essie Holt, with more to be revealed in the near future.

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