Eves Karydas covers ‘Painkiller’ by Ruel for triple j’s ‘Like A Version’

It was her second appearance on the segment

Eves Karydas covered Ruel’s track ‘Painkiller’ for triple j’s ‘Like A Version’ this morning (August 21).

It was Karydas’ second stint on the segment. Almost two years ago to the date, she performed a cover of Aretha Franklin’s ‘(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman’ to commemorate the passing of the music legend.

Watch Karydas’ version of ‘Painkiller’ below:


Speaking in a post-performance interview, Eves Karydas explained her song choice.

I chose ‘Painkiller’ because the lyrics really resonated with me,” she said.

“It feels like [Ruel] wrote this from a very similar state of mind to where I was in when I wrote my single ‘Complicated’.”

“The line that grabs me the most is ‘keep you from heartaches, headaches, the doctor said I’m diagnosed with shit days, mistakes, but I’ll be fine’. Hearing that…it just clicked.”

Karydas’ cover concludes with the singer-songwriter alluding to Frank Ocean‘s track ‘Super Rich Kids’, as well as ‘Bennie And The Jets’ by Elton John.


“You can hear the inspiration in ‘Painkiller’ that comes from ‘Super Rich Kids’ by Frank Ocean,” she explained, “and then you can hear Frank Ocean’s inspiration from ‘Bennie and The Jets’ by Elton John.”

“I just wanted to sort of mash them all together at the end.”

Eves Karydas performed with her cover with a three-piece band. As is tradition, she also played an original as part of the segment, singing through her recent single ‘Complicated‘.

In order to cope with social distancing restrictions, Karydas’ back-up singers pre-recorded their tracks for both her cover and original.

Released in June, ’Complicated’ remains Karydas’ only original song for 2020 to date.