Eves Karydas drops new single ‘Complicated’

Her first single since her 2018 album 'Summerskin'

Eves Karydas has made her return today (June 4) with the release of new single, ‘Complicated’. Watch the music video below:

Co-written with Calle Lehmann and Max Thulin, ‘Complicated’ received its premiere on triple j last night on Good Nights with Bridget Hustwaite. The song was also produced by Katy Perry collaborator Magnus Lidehäll.


“The original day I had in the calendar was with Magnus Lidehäll, but he had to cancel at the last minute because he was stuck on an island (a very Swedish situation),” Karydas said of the song in a press statement.

“So, instead in an 11th hour arrangement, I went in with Calle and Max, and we came up with ‘Complicated.’ Magnus then heard the song and loved it and said he wanted to produce it. And that’s how the song was finished. ‘Complicated’ wouldn’t exist without any of those precariously shifting parts.”

“It was one of those lightning bolt moments that happen every so often where there’s no struggle whatsoever and the song just writes itself,” she added.

‘Complicated’ is Karydas’ first song of 2020, and her first song since the release of her 2018 debut album ‘Summerskin’. The album spawned singles ‘Damn Loyal’, ‘Couch’ and ‘Further Than The Planes Fly’.