EWAH & The Vision Of Paradise announce second album ‘The Warning Birds’, share new song

The band's first album in five years arrives this Friday

Tasmanian band EWAH & The Vision Of Paradise have detailed their second studio album, ‘The Warning Birds’, set for release this Friday (March 4).

The album follows on from their 2017 debut, ‘Everything Fades To Blue’. Prior to the album’s announcement, two singles were released – ‘Arcadia’ and ‘Vanishing Point’, both in December. With the album’s announcement today (March 1) has come the release of a third single, ‘Hole In The Sky’.

Its accompanying video, directed by Ursula Woods, was shot at the Moonah Arts Centre in Hobart. A statement from the band noted that the performance-based clip was “inspired by film noir lighting, 1960s French pop studio performances and ’60s girl groups”.


Watch the video for ‘Hole In The Sky’ below:

In a separate statement, the band’s lead singer Emma Waters (aka the titular EWAH) explained that the song was written about the perceived “pristine” nature of the band’s home state.

“Tasmania… has a potted history of environmental crisis and degradation,” she said. “It is a place of brutal beauty, harsh weather and moments of political and community divide.”

Waters went on to note that she and her bandmates began working on the album shortly after the release of ‘Everything Fades To Blue’. However, due to intervening delays such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the birth of Waters’ child, the album is only now seeing its release.

“Somewhere along the way, ‘The Warning Birds’ became my albatross,” she said. “There’s a point where finally you get to release this creature, beast, baby call it what you will, out into the wild wide world and see what happens. Thank fuck that time has finally arrived.”


‘The Warning Birds’ will mark the band’s first full-length release for Adelaide label Part Time Records, whose roster also includes Wolf & Cub and the late Mike Noga.

The album is available to pre-order on vinyl from the Part Time Records shop.

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