Ex-Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung reveals her “album-making process is in full swing”

"During the pandemic, I was waiting for the right timing so it kept on getting delayed"

Former Girls’ Generation member and singer Jessica Jung has revealed that she is currently working on her upcoming album.

In a recent Q&A video uploaded to her official YouTube channel on August 16, Jung answered several questions submitted by fans who were curious to know if the K-pop singer would be releasing any new music soon.

Jung responded positively, revealing that her “album-making process is in full swing right now”. She also added that she had been “waiting for the right time” to release her as-yet-unnamed record, which was delayed due to setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The ‘Fly’ singer also noted that she was “at the studio working on a new song yesterday”, though it is unclear exactly when she was last working on new material or when she plans to drop the record.

After leaving Girls’ Generation in 2014, Jung made her debut as a soloist in 2016 with her first mini-album titled ‘With Love, J’. The six-track record most notably included the hit single, ‘Fly’. She later went on to release two other extended plays, 2016’s ‘Wonderland’ and 2017’s ‘My Decade’. Jung’s last musical release was the 2019 single, ‘Call Me Before You Sleep’, which was a collaboration with South Korean rapper Giriboy.

Aside from music, Jung had also ventured into other endeavours, including publishing her debut novel Shine in 2020 as part of a two-book deal with publishing house Simon Pulse. She is also the founder of luxury fashion brand Blanc & Eclare, under which she launched a restaurant called Clareau at its flagship building in Seoul.

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