Ex-Olympian releases new single ‘Netherworld Boogie’

Lifted from his forthcoming debut album

Melbourne’s Ex-Olympian has released a new single today (October 5), titled ‘Netherworld Boogie’.

The track is the fourth cut from his forthcoming debut album ‘Afterlife’, slated for release on October 16.

Unlike his last two songs, ‘Netherworld Boogie’ is sans vocals, incorporating bursts of flute and peppered with harpsichord sounding keys.


Listen to the track below:

“I’ve found that purchasing new musical equipment really makes you creative (maybe largely because you’ve just spent a whole lot of money you shouldn’t have and you need to justify it)?” Ex-Olympian, real name Liam McGorry, said of the track in a press statement.

“Sometimes making music is like banging your head against a brick wall, and sometimes it’s slightly easier, if you’ve just purchased a brand new Behringer RD8 808.”

“Netherworld Boogie was one of the first songs I made with it,” he continued. “One of my favourite things about making this record has been the opportunity it’s given me to reconnect and create with friends, particularly with my good friend Will Morrissey. His mystic flute is the highlight of this song to me, and there is truly nothing like making music with great friends. A magical feeling.”


Ex-Olympian is McGorry’s latest project, having previously played in bands such as Saskwatch and Dorsal Fins. He took the name from a neon sign that adorns Borsari’s Corner on Melbourne’s Lygon and Grattan Streets, paying homage to the ex-olympian cyclist Nino Borsari.

McGorry released his debut song under the Ex-Olympian moniker in July this year, titled ‘Voices In My Head’. The track was also his first since signing to Dot Dash Recordings.

He followed up with ‘Lilac Youth’ featuring former Saskwatch bandmate Nkechi Anele later that same month, before dropping ‘Penny In The Well’ with Sam Lawrence in September.