Fan recalls touching encounter with DMX: “He was so authentic and candid”

"DMX is a talented artist, a loving father and a kind soul"

A fan of DMX has recounted an “authentic and candid” run-in with the rapper on a flight, which led to her being given guest passes to one of his shows.

The 50-year-old artist, whose real name is Earl Simmons, is currently in the intensive care unit of White Plains Hospital in New York, where he was admitted last Friday (April 2) after going into cardiac arrest.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday (April 6), a fan called Jennifer Fraser shared the story of meeting Simmons on a flight to San Diego after being upgraded to first class at the last minute.


Fraser explained that someone “famous with his entourage in tow” sat down next to her, who later introduced himself as “D”. “D, the letter?” she asked, to which Simmons replied: “Yes, D, DMX.”

Saying that the rapper’s “music was present during many fun nights in college”, Fraser went on to explain that she and DMX got into a discussion about social media (“he preferred Instagram, he had more engagement there”).

“I looked him up and saw the cross post from Instagram to Twitter as a link,” she said. “Pro tip: post native or with an image to increase engagement.”


Fraser continued: “I explained the correlation between an image and engagement and he excused himself to get ‘his social phone’ from his handler somewhere else on the plane. When he returned he asked me to show him. I asked for an image that he liked. I commented it looked like a constellation.”

DMX then shared the image in question (a black-and-white live shot) on Twitter, captioning the post: “My own personal constellation shared with @jenniferfraser.” You can see that tweet below.

The rapper then discussed “race and his incarceration” with Fraser, who described his words on these subjects as “so authentic and candid”.

“He went to get something else from his handler. He returned with another phone and played a song about his grandmother who raised him,” Fraser said. “It wasn’t yet released but it was recorded with John Legend.”

Following their “engaging conversation”, DMX asked for Fraser’s phone number and invited her and her stepdaughter, Mia, to his show as guests. “Mia’s eyes were big with excitement. I realized he was being polite and of course he wouldn’t call so I smiled and gave him my number and he gave me his…”

DMX came good on his offer, calling Fraser to meet him at his Downtown hotel. He then took the pair to his entourage’s SUV to transport them to the venue. Fraser recalled how DMX “greeted back of house staff politely”, adding that he was “very gracious”.

“We sat on stage and watched him perform a set,” she said. “He took a break and sat with us. Mia was all over Snapchat documenting her night.” To conclude the thread, Fraser posted an image of the pair with DMX.

“DMX is a talented artist, a loving father and a kind soul,” she wrote. “I hope they release the song about his grandmother, I remember it being very different and personal.”

Speaking to NBC News on Tuesday night (April 6), DMX’s manager Steve Rifkind said that the rapper’s condition was unchanged and that doctors were set to conduct tests to determine the level of his brain function the following day (April 7).

“DMX is currently on life support and in a coma,” Rifkind explained. “There are multiple people with inaccurate information about his well-being and it is not helpful and productive.”