FELIVAND unveils new single ‘Where Were You’, announces signing to Sweat It Out

This marks the Brisbane artist's first song since she released her 'Nerve' EP a year ago

Brisbane-based artist FELIVAND has returned with her first single in a year, ‘Where Were You’.

The song, co-produced with Chris Mazeura, marks the first track FELIVAND – real name Felicity Vanderveen – has released since signing to new label Sweat It Out.

‘Where Were You’ is accompanied by a new music video directed by Jennifer Embelton, who explained that the visual “explores these themes of isolation through visual storytelling”.


“We see [FELIVAND] in everyday scenes that inch into the realm of the surreal. Her environment and people don’t seem to realise she is there, but FELIVAND is determined to tell her story anyway.”

Watch the video for ‘Where Were You’ below:

“I wrote ‘Where Were You’ after realising someone wasn’t there for me in a way I thought they would be,” Vanderveen said in a press statement.

“I felt let down and forgotten and this song is a pretty raw and impassioned outlet of that feeling.”

On the new signing, Vanderveen explained, “It’s such a nice feeling to have a team of people who actively champion you and trust wholeheartedly in your creative decisions.


“I’m extremely excited to be starting this new chapter in my career with such a passionate team backing me.”

Though it’s unclear at the moment whether ‘Where Were You’ will appear on a larger body of work, it marks FELIVAND’s first new song since she released her second EP ‘Nerve’ in October of last year.