Fishing release new single ‘Good Spirits (In All My Things)’

With help from Cloud Control's Alister Wright

Sydney electronic duo Fishing have made their return today with the release of their new single ‘Good Spirits (In All My Things)’.

The song, released today (July 3) via Of Leisure Records, features vocals from Alister Wright. The singer, best known for his work with Cloud Control and Vlossom, is the older brother of Fishing member Doug Wright. He previously appeared as a guest vocalist on the band’s debut album, 2014’s ‘Shy Glow.’

Listen to it below:



‘Good Spirits (In All My Things)’ is the lead single from the forthcoming compilation album ‘Blue Line Steppers Volume 2,’ which is out Friday, July 10.

The album, per a press release, aims to “highlight the up and coming, creative minds in close-knit dance communities.” Volume 1 of the album series was released back in November 2018.

‘Blue Line Steppers Volume 2’ features contributions from an array of artists across Australia and New Zealand. Chetch, Mango, Ginoli, Freda, 2XM, Sophie Forrest and Penelope Two-Five are some of the featured artists.

The song marks the duo’s first new music in three years. Their last release, the ‘Pleasure Dome’ EP, was released in 2017.


Away from Fishing, Wright and Russell Fitzgibbon released music earlier this year as a new project, Ten Brains.

The experimental act released their debut EP ‘PIPE’ in January 2020, via Melbourne label Houses in Motion.