Flo Milli is feeling herself on feisty new track ‘Conceited’

It comes alongside news of the rapper's debut album, 'You Still Here, Ho?'

Flo Milli has dropped off a brand new single called ‘Conceited’ – listen to the feisty new track below.

The Alabama rapper’s latest track comes alongside news that her debut album, ‘You Still Here, Ho?’, which is the follow-up to her acclaimed ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’ mixtape, is coming soon.

Armed with an unyielding confidence, Milli lets listeners know on ‘Conceited’ that she’s headstrong when it comes to her abilities and knowing her worth.


I been that bitch since a fetus/ Been had my stripes, no Adidas/ My opps takin’ pics when they see us/ I’m so fabulous/ Bitch, I’m fabulous/ I don’t need his money/ Bitch, I got enough/ Pretty bitch walk in, they gon’ salute,” Milli raps on the track’s second verse.

Arriving with a high-energy music video, directed by NAYIP, Milli flexes on her haters in a number of different settings – including a nail salon – and fabulous outfits. You can watch it below.

Milli’s previous singles ‘Ice Baby’ and ‘PBC (Pretty Black Cute)’ will also appear on her forthcoming LP.

Speaking to NME back in March, Flo Milli said her upcoming new project will be all about versatility, a fact derived from her “beat selections” and “just the whole vibe of it all”.

“This mixtape is going to be more mature so you can see that side of me… I can’t say too much – I don’t want to give too much away and you can’t enjoy the surprise later,” she added.


Another of Milli’s recent tracks includes her ‘Money’ collaboration with Rico Nasty.

The song, which samples 2 Live Crew’s 1986 single ‘We Want Some Pussy’ and Tone Loc’s 1988 track ‘Wild Thing’, was released with a Wizard Of Oz inspired video, directed by Roxana Baldovin.