Flowerkid returns with powerful new single ‘miss andry’

His second single ever

19-year-old Sydney artist Flowerkid has made his return today with the release of his second single, ‘miss andry’.

The song is a haunting listen, with audible pain in Flowerkid’s voice as he recalls his past traumatic experiences.

The track is accompanied by an equally powerful music video, directed by Madeleine Purdy and filmed in Sydney.


Watch it below:

“This song roots from a hatred and distrust for men that developed from such a young age,” explains Flowerkid – real name Flynn Sant – in a press statement.

“It isn’t your typical man hatred; I had to tackle the feeling of: I hate these boys and these men that have been in my life so much. Why do I envy them though?”

“I will always feel this inadequacy with any cisgender man … but when I made this song, I needed to regroup and basically take responsibility,” he continued.

“I’d say, you know, ‘It isn’t healthy to be thinking these things. I feel this way because of the events that happened in my life and childhood trauma I’ve experienced. But it’s not an excuse to hate all men’.”


‘miss andry’ marks the second single Sant has ever released, following his debut single last year ‘boy with the winfields and the wild heart’.